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Our Clients

Helping Successful Business Leaders Manage their Wealth
You are an ardent business leader: intense and passionate about your work. Leaving it at the office is not an option. You strive for excellence in everything you do and time is your scarcest resource. You want your money to work harder for you as you focus on running your business. You are smart decision maker who can appreciate the value of working with a team of experts that is committed to helping you screen ideas and filter out the noise in the markets. You are sophisticated and understand how to size up an opportunity. You are looking for help in managing information and the allocation of your assets. Chances are, you are looking for solid returns and would like to turn to someone for advice on ideas and managing risk. Working with Pendulum Capital Markets provides the opportunity for you to seek the advice of experts, and learn new models and tools for investing and trading so you can pursue those returns while managing risk. We help sophisticated investors make quality decisions. In the end it is not making the decisions for you but with you that creates a symbiotic relationship between Pendulum and its clients. Our goal is to enable our clients to free up their time so they can focus on the challenges inherent in their business and the people who are important to them.

Institutional Clients: Portfolio Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, and Proprietary Traders

Helping successful money managers separate the wheat from the chaff.
You are a successful money manager in a constant search of alpha. You have an appreciation for idea flow but expect quality over quantity. You look for the highest return on your investments and your time. At Pendulum Capital Markets we spend endless hours analyzing the markets, trends, and the perceptions behind the trends. What is the main thesis behind the trend and what can change? What are the fundamental drivers and the technical data points that are most important? Our team can help you identify opportunities and manage risk. Tapping into our pool of knowledge and experience can give you an analytical edge in making your decisions.

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